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2009 Pinot Noir   $24.00
A complex wine, exhibiting dark cherry, raspberry, citrus and that smokeyness found in many Pinots from 2009. Full bodied, light tannins, dry with a nice cherry and raspberry finish. Aged in French oak barrels for 2 years.
2010 Riesling   $16.00
Aromas of pear and apple, the bright acidity is balanced nicely with a residual sugar of 1.3 brix.
2012 Gewürztraminer   $16.00
This sweet white wine is incredibly luscious. Classic flavors of pear and spice. This is the perfect picnic or deck wine, sweet but balanced by just a bit of acidity
2010  Dry Gewürztraminer  $16.00
The 2010 season was cooler than that of 2009. This gave us the opportunity to produce this dry Gewürztraminer. Flavors of pear, apple and spice but a nice tang on the finish.
Ladybug    $18.00
Made from our Pinot Noir, this rose style wine balances the bright acidity with a touch of sweetness. 24 hours on "the skins" gives a wonderful color and just a touch of the fresh fruit of the Pinot Noir grape.
First Blush   $16.00

Mark Twain once wrote......

Man is the only animal that blushs  -  or needs to.

This Blush is made just for you!